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The Dreadnought class of ballistic submarines for the Royal Navy is now being built. Successor was the name for the programme of delivering these submarines for the Royal Navy until the first boat was named in October 2016.
This is the enduring commitment of the Navy's dedication to continuous at sea deterrence (CASD) since April 1969.

Begun in 1969 with the four Resolution-class submarines, this core tasking in support of UK defence has been sustained non-stop by the Royal Navy. With their advent in 1992 the role was handed over to the four Vanguard boats, which are due to stay in service until the 2030s. The Successor programme has begun the build of the hulls which will become the Dreadnought class of nuclear submarines and will take over the mantle of CASD in the future.

On October 21 2016, the name of the first Successor boat was announced as HMS Dreadnought.

Composite CGI (Computer Generated Image) image, showing what the Successor project submarine may look like once completed.

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The Successor boats are expected to have a lifespan of at least 30 years


HMS Dreadnought is the name of the first Successor submarine

HMNB Clyde

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operations Continuous at sea deterrent

Since April 1969, the UK has been providing the continuous at sea deterrent. At any time, one of the current Vanguard-class submarines is on patrol somewhere in the oceans of the globe, protecting the UK through a credible nuclear deterrent.

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