Solid Support Ship

SoliD Support Ship

The Solid Support Ship is designed to carry a wide range of stores to support other ships with ammunition, food and explosives to replenish naval ships at sea. They have extensive aviation facilities, with 2 flight decks, one at the stern and one spot on top of the hanger. They have the ability to to replenish at sea via 6 replenishment stations, three on each side as well as using helicopters for vertical replenishment (VERTREP).

The Ships replenishes warships of the Royal Navy and Allied navies with food, stores and ammunition, whilst underway.

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  • Solid Support Ship
  • Phalanx

    Phalanx Close-in weapon

    Phalanx is one of the deadly last lines of defence for Britain's warships. Capable of engaging targets around one mile away, it is a radar-controlled Gatling gun which fires 20mm shells, spewing out 3,000 rounds a minute.

    Designed to engage incoming enemy aircraft and missiles if they penetrated a ship or task group's outer ring of defences such as Sea Viper or Sea Dart.

    During Operation Telic, Phalanx guns were removed from ships and used to defend Basra airport, the hub of British operations,they  saw extensive action against incoming rockets and mortars fired by insurgents.

  • GAM BO 20mm

    GAM BO 20mm Auto Cannon

    A simple hand operated mounting carrying a single Oerlikon KAA200 automatic cannon.

    It can fire 1000 rounds a minute and has a  range of 2000m.

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Solid Support Tankers have a range of 10,000 miles at 20 knots