HMS Clyde (P257)

HMS Clyde patrols the territorial seas and monitors the airspace around the Falkland Islands. From search and rescue to active exercise, she is adaptable and highly valued.

HMS Clyde (P257) is currently on deployment

Atlantic Patrol Tasking South

South Atlantic

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At just over 2,000 tonnes displacement, she may not be the biggest ship in the Navy, but this is certainly made up for in capability – she is a specially modified River-class vessel, with a large flight deck for a ship of her size as well as an aviation refueling capability. 

These special modifications mean she can support a wide range of aviation operations, including search and rescue. She also carries a Pacific 22 RIB, which can reach speeds of over 40mph, and a Rigid Raider, the perfect tools to get troops on shore fast during her frequent exercises with the Roulement Infantry Company.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

11,000 horse power


40+ knots 

Top speed of her seaboats

2 seaboats

On board

Our operations

Current operation

Atlantic Patrol Tasking South

South Atlantic

Offering reassurance to British interests and allied nations by providing an ongoing Royal Navy presence.

Our base

Our base

Falkland Islands

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Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Ricahrd Skelton

Initially deployed to the Middle East in HMS Ramsey on Op AINTREE conducting mine disposal and route survey operations. A short return to the UK to navigate HMS SHOREHAM was followed by a further MCM deployment to the Middle East.


HMS Clyde's role

HMS Clyde currently patrols the territorial seas and monitors the airspace around the Falkland Islands. Her role is a mix of routine visits and reassurance to the many small settlements found throughout the islands.

Day-to-day, she takes part in exercises, supports search and rescue missions and flies the White Ensign in some of the most remote British Overseas Territories, including South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

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