HMS Richmond

HMS Richmond (F239)

HMS Richmond is the seventh Royal Navy ship to proudly bear the name and enjoys strong links to several affiliations in both Richmond upon Thames and Richmond, North Yorkshire.

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Facts & figures

Facts & figures

7,800+ miles

Total range

185 personnel

On board

28+ knots

Top speed

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Maintenance and Sea Trials


Just like a regular service for your car, all ships go through maintenance to ensure best performance.

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Our base


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HMS Richmond's role

Like all Type 23 frigates, HMS Richmond was designed to hunt submarines, but since the end of the Cold War, the role of the frigate within the Royal Navy has become more varied, making them the core of the frontline fleet.

In travelling the world protecting our nation’s interests, HMS Richmond undertakes virtually every type of operation imaginable, from counter narcotics and anti-piracy, to disrupting people trafficking and detaining criminals.

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