744 Naval Air Squadron

The newly reformed 744 NAS will operate under the Flying Division of the Air Warfare Centre and will continue the rich history of Test and Evaluation which runs through the latter periods of 744 NAS’ history.

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We will remain a Tri-Service unit comprising of highly skilled Test and Evaluation Aircrew and Engineers working closely with our civilian counterparts as part of Aircraft Test and Evaluation Centre under the Long Term Partnership Agreement with QinetiQ to provide independent test and evaluation to Defence.

744 NAS will operate across a broad spectrum of both rotary and fixed wing platforms and their associated armaments and avionics equipment, which includes Merlin, Wildcat, Chinook, Puma, Gazelle, Hawk and Typhoon.

The current focus of the squadron is the development of Crowsnest for it’s integration with the carrier task group. Another key focus is the FASGW (Future Anti-Surface Guided Weapons) programme with the Wildcat platform.

744NAS is also heavily involved in the Merlin Mid-Life Sustainment Programme (MLSP) through which the squadron aims to continuously better the current and expanding Merlin force.

744 NAS aims to bring together the operational experience from the majority of Defence’s frontline aircraft types and weaponry, to ensure that new aircraft, weapons and upgrades to existing platforms are safe and fit for purpose.

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