700X Naval Air Squadron

The ‘X’ in 700X stands for ‘experimental’ – and for good reason. The unit was formed to oversee the development of cutting-edge unmanned flight systems like the ScanEagle Remotely Piloted Air System.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

18 kilograms

Total weight

1.7 metres

Total length

80+ miles per hour

Top speed

Our base

Our base

RNAS Culdrose

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Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander J Matthews

700X Naval Air Squadron's role

Despite being one of the smallest units in the Royal Navy, with a total of just six personnel, 700X Naval Air Squadron can also be counted among the most influential. Formed at RNAS Culdrose in 2014, the unit was created to undertake trials of unmanned aerial vehicles – better known as drones.

700X is just the latest incarnation of 700 Naval Air Squadron. Operating under the motto Experientia Docet – ‘Experiences Teaches’ – 700 NAS has a long history of testing cutting-edge new aircraft for use by frontline squadrons, including the Merlin and Wildcat helicopters.

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