1700 Naval Air Squadron

The 1700 Naval Air Squadron provides essential naval aviation support to operations for ships and land
bases globally. 

The Maritime Aviation Support Force (MASF) became ‘1700 Naval Air Squadron’ on 31st October 2017.

The unit provides engineering and logistics support to operations and exercises all over the world.

27% (32) of 1700 NAS personnel are currently deployed supporting operations KIPION, APT(N), Force Gen and SNMG2. A further 58% (85) of the unit remain at R2 ready to deploy.

Flight deck, logistic and catering support, operations, engineering support, even medical assistance are supplied by 1700 NAS.

Facts & figures

Facts and figures


operations and exercises

2-50 people

in flexible teams. 


Officially recommissioned. 

Our skills

Our skills

The 1700 NAS provides engineering and logistics support to operations and exercises. The people we provide include:

  • Flight deck crews
  • Fire-fighters
  • Meteorologists
  • Physical trainers
  • Military policemen
  • Survival specialists
  • Aircraft controllers 
  • Logisticians 
  • Engineers 
  • Medics 

...and many other specialists to allow the continued operation of naval aircraft worldwide.

What’s life like at 1700 Naval Air Squadron?

When a Squadron of Naval Air Arm aircraft deploys to a ship or any other detached operating base, it’s essential that the supporting facilities are available to cope with any situation. And that’s where the vital skills of the 1700 Naval Air Squadron come in.

The team acts as a one stop shop for specialist talent, meeting personnel requirements and providing essential naval aviation support for both ships and land-bases globally. From medics to meteorologists, engineers to aircraft controllers, the talented, committed team of NAS 1700 is ready to deploy anywhere in the world in a matter of hours.

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