The Future

FR20 provides an enormous opportunity for the Maritime Reserves, including the following: 

Larger and re-invigorated Maritime Reserve Forces

Intend to build from an overall strength now of 2,700 to a new total of 4,150 by 2020.

RMR Liability is unchanged but a recruiting drive will build strength. RNR Liability will increase by 26% - a real increase of around 50%.

Regular:Reserve balance will increase from around 92:8 toward 88:12

Transformed to meet future needs 

A larger and stable body of Reserves to meet the unexpected

Greater Utility

Across a broad range of duties including seagoing (eg the COUGAR Task Force). Attributed formally to operational roles.

Potential new roles

Homeland security (inc Coastal) and Resilience are still potentials – await direction from the National Security Council in November 11. Also greater use in Stabilisation (deployed).

Expansion of C4ISTAR etc

These areas have already been identified as offering considerable potential to expand utility in a cost-effective way.

Enhanced Training and Leadership

The intent is to offer more back to the Reservist and the employers, through increased training opportunities and developing the command and leadership qualities of our people (as well as having more fun on occasions.)

There will be increased emphasis on building teamwork and the creation of more formed sub-units. This could mean, for example, a deployed MR team (RNR and RMR) providing the embarked military force to the ATP(N) vessel engaged in seasonal disaster relief and counter-narcotics work.

More Flexible and increased employment

The growth in utility is not just through deployed or mobilised operations. There will also be increased opportunity for temporary or semi-permanent employment contracts across the Naval Service as a whole.

Civilian skill-sets and ex-regulars

Obviously it makes sense to employ ex-regulars, but the MR will remain predominantly “pure” Reservists. The civilian skills brought in may be of increasing value to the whole force, for example to support stabilisation operations overseas, and UK resilience.