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Sea power in the Baltic and future commando technology | TwoSix episode 48

Your 60 second update from across the Naval Service.

Queen's Birthday Honours list 2019

Sailors and Royal Marines from across the Naval Service are among hundreds to be recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2019.

HMS Queen Elizabeth’s first Commanding Officer and a Royal Navy aviator responsible for delivering the F-35 Lightning jets into service are among those named on this year's list.

In total 22 men and women from across the Royal Navy and Royal Marines have dates at Buckingham Palace to acknowledge their long-standing and energetic service, from front-line operations to helping military families through fundraising and community activities.

The list of recipients in full

Protectors of Peace

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Royal Navy carrying out the nation’s most important military mission – continuous patrols by submarines equipped with the UK’s nuclear deterrent. Immerse yourself in the history of the Continuous At Sea Deterrent – known officially as Operation Relentless – as we look at the crews, the boats, life on board over five decades, and the future with the advent of the Dreadnought-class.

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