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Here is your 60-second update from across the Naval Service. 

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CanDID Network

A new Defence network, the CanDID network, launched on 4 April 2019. It seeks to support members of the Armed Forces whose lives have been touched or affected in some way by chronic illness and disability.

The Network pledges to do 4 things:


  1. To connect service personnel who share similar circumstance, experience and mind-set.
  2. To support service men and women personally affected by illness and disability to reach their full potential in and out of the work place. To support the chain of command and line managers to better understand and accommodate the needs of those they are responsible for.
  3. To inform the development and revision of current or new policy specific to the management of service personnel who are affected by illness and disability either as an individual or importantly as a care-giver.
  4. To educate colleagues through health care promotion by sharing stories to eliminate preventable conditions and promote early detection and diagnosis.


If you feel you could benefit from the Network's support or would like to take an active role in developing CanDID and its programme of activity, please email