Dedicated Air Branch Reservist has trophy named in his honour

A Reservist Chief Petty Officer (CPO) who has been inspirational in championing competition shooting in the Naval Service has had a trophy named after him.

CPO Geoff Kendall from the Royal Naval Reserve Air Branch has been at the forefront of service rifle and pistol shooting in the Royal Navy’s teams, both regular and reservists. His dedicated efforts and hard work are now been recognised for bringing on new talent to Royal Navy shooting.

“Encouraging new blood and making sure they are trained, capable and confident to shoot at the highest levels is always going to be a problem with Sailors,” said Geoff. 

“The Army in particular are always keen to show us what they can do. It’s not obvious that we can be tough enough for these competitions, but we invariably prove them all wrong.”

His track record speaks for itself and many of the Navy’s past and present sharp-shooters are grateful for Geoff’s support and enthusiasm for the sport. 

Competing as part of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Rifle association (RNRMRA), at the annual Operational Shooting Competitions (OSC) at Bisley against the other armed services, is the goal for all Navy personnel who are involved in this discipline.

It is hoped that Geoff’s trophy will bring through naval newbie’s into the service rifle and pistol operational shooting competition cadre.

It’s a tremendous honour to have this new trophy named after me.

CPO Geoff Kendall, RNR

At the annual Defence OSC (DefOSC), where every June the RNRMRA run their own OSC between the Naval Air Command (NAC), Portsmouth, Plymouth & Scotland and the Royal Marines Commands.

The individual winner of one particular event, which tests the skills and overall ability of individuals in shooting in an “Urban Contact” environment, is presented with the ‘Kendall Shield’, where this is believed to have been named after an earlier CPO Kendall.

The new trophy named the ‘Geoff Kendall Trophy’ will be awarded annually at the NAC OSC to the highest scoring “inexperienced” (Tyro) shooter in the “Urban Contact” event.

Geoff continued, “It’s a tremendous honour to have this new trophy named after me. I can only thank all those who have helped me along the way in organising training shoots, often at weekends, putting in the long hours and much hard work over the years.”