Flying Fox reservist promoted to the highest rank

A Bristol Royal Naval Reservist has recently been promoted to the highest rank possible for non-commissioned ratings in the Naval Service.

Diana Cope has been part of the ships company of HMS Flying Fox since 1995, having joined the RNR in 1991 at HMS Cambria in South Wales,  and has now achieved her ambition to reach the rank of Warrant Officer after her 24 years service (and still counting).

She joined the Royal Navy Reserve (RNR) when she saw an advert in the local paper asking ‘if you’d rather be sweeping the English Channel or the back yard this weekend’.

 Diana said: “At the time the RNR had their own River Class Minesweepers and the RNR were just letting females go to sea so I was able to join a sea going branch now known as the Warfare Seaman branch.”

I am very proud to have achieved the ambition I had back in 1991

Diana Cope RNR

When asked further about her career she said: “I’ve only ever been a Reservist, although I did look at being a Regular.”

She added: “Being a reservist I feel I have had the best of both worlds, I have served all over the world but also have had a family and been around for the majority of the children’s milestones.”

She has served on many exercises around the UK, in Norway, the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Middle East.

Diana was mobilised in 2009 to provide Force Protection in the Northern Gulf for 6 months and was awarded the OP Telic Medal.

She is currently working full time Navy Regional HQ in Bristol planning ship visits and military events within the region of Wales and Western England.

She was promoted on 1st April 2015 and was formerly presented with her Warrant on 4th July 2015 by the Commander of the Maritime Reserves, Commodore Andrew Jamieson RN ADC.

At the ceremony she said: “I am very proud to have achieved the ambition I had back in 1991, now I’ll need to set myself another goal!”