Father and daughter on parade at Raleigh

There was a special moment for the Parade Commander at HMS Raleigh when his daughter was among those taking part.

Commander Sean Brady is the Second-in-Command at HMS Raleigh and acts as the Parade Commander each week, giving the orders from the dais and joining the inspection party. 

His daughter, Able Rate Amelia Brady, was among the 29 Royal Navy Reservists taking part in the latest passing-out-parade marking the successful completion of their two-week induction course.

Cdr Brady joined the Royal Navy in 1983, becoming a submariner.  

The adventurous training weekends and the courses that you have to attend as part of your training are great.

Able Rate Emma Lowe

Speaking before the parade he said:  “I am very proud of Amelia and her achievement, although she does come from a family with strong Naval ties as her granddad was also in the Royal Navy, it is something that she has wanted to do by herself and has pushed hard to achieve.

“I have watched her progress over the last two weeks from afar as she would not have wanted me to be interfering, so as with all the parents here today when she has passed out that will be my first time to give her a hug and say well done.”

Amelia joined the RNR in June 2014 and is a member of the Plymouth based unit, HMS Vivid. 

Members of the RNR conduct most of their induction within their own units and then come to HMS Raleigh for a two week consolidated course which gives them the experience of living in a Service environment. 

With a focus on team-work, the course also includes elements of fitness, seamanship, fire-fighting training and weapons handling.

The 17-year-old is in the Sixth Form at Coombe Dean School and works part-time as a lifeguard.  She said:  “I joined the RNR to get some experience which I thought would help me when looking for a job in the future. 

“This course has not been easy, but anything that is worth doing never is.  A highlight was passing my Royal Navy Fitness Test and the final military exercise known as Bright Diamond, when we had to work as a team. 

“Meeting so many different people has also been really good.”

Amelia was joined on the parade ground by a fellow Reservist from HMS Vivid, Able Rate Emma Lowe.  Emma’s father Robert is also a member of HMS Vivid and serves in the rank of Chief Petty Officer. 

Emma, from Crownhill, is currently studying for her A-levels at Plymouth High School for Girls.  She said:  “I thought the RNR would give me an insight into military life. 

“The adventurous training weekends and the courses that you have to attend as part of your training are great. 

“I’ve really enjoyed this course and hope to continue in the Reserves.  I’m also considering joining up full-time in the future.”

Around 400 families attended the parade, which also marked the completion of training for 43 regular Royal Navy recruits.  The guest of honour was Captain Philip Milburn, Captain Mine Warfare and Patrol Vessels, Diving and Fishery Protection. 

Other VIP attendees included Imam Ali Omar the Muslim Civilian Chaplain to the Military and Sheik Bakari Arabi, the Imam at the Piety Centre Mosque in Plymouth.