RFA Fort Austin trains with the Seychelles Coast Guard

Taking a break from patrolling the Indian Ocean, Royal Marines have been training alongside the Seychelles Coast Guard in support of a multi national counter-piracy effort.

Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Fort Austin recently completed a five day port visit to the Seychelles during which her embarked detachment of Royal Marines, from 42 Commando, conducted boarding and security training with a Coast Guard team.

This was a great opportunity to practise our skills as well as improve our relationship with the Seychellois

Sergeant Ashley Morris RM, of the embarked Force Protection Team

Second Lieutenant L. Loizeau, Officer in Command of the Seychelles Coast Guard Team, noted how much they valued the opportunity to train with the Royal Marines.

He said: “This was a real highlight for us, to meet them and gain an appreciation of British tactics, from Royal Marine Commandos as well as to tour the ship which was very impressive.”

With the training finished, a friendly football match was held at the Seychelles National Stadium. 

A ship’s team of RFA and Royal Marines took on an impressive Seychelles Coast Guard team. After a well-played match, the Coast Guard delivered a heavy defeat to the visitors with a final score of 5 to 1.

RFA Fort Austin is a 23,000 tonne fast dry stores ship which has been providing direct support to CTF-150 and UK ships in the region in addition to front line patrol duties since she arrived in the Gulf last year. 

CTF-150 conducts maritime security operations in the Indian Ocean to deter terrorism and promote peace and security.  

It is one of three principle task forces operated by the Combined Maritime Forces, a multinational naval partnership of 30 nations based in Bahrain.

Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) is a multinational naval partnership of 30 nations, which exists to promote security, stability and prosperity across approximately 2.5 million square miles of international waters, which encompass some of the world’s most important shipping lanes.